A Green Start to Everyday!

I started the habit of having a big green smoothie every morning – or as I like to call it the green monster- and it’s made a HUGE difference!

I feel awesome! Just knowing that my day starts with me drinking at least 3 portions of vegetables is enough… All those healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, good fats, fiber & water in my system before I’m out the door makes me feel I’m ready to conquer the world 😛

I also add plenty of ginger & lemon and know that my immunity is getting a boost from these naturally healing foods.

It’s also super hydrating. After a 7 hours (or more if you are lucky!) sleep- your body needs to rehydrate. I add spinach, cucumber & celery to my smoothie, all rehydrating veggies that help to quench my body.



  • ½ Avocado
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 2 small cucumbers
  • Handful of baby spinach
  • A few stalks of coriander or parsley
  • 1 tbsp of nut butter
  • ½ a lemon
  • 2 inch fresh ginger
  • 1/3 cup of water

If it’s one of those days where you need a little sweetness,

I add a handful of blueberries or ½ a kiwi or ½ a green apple.

Or if you are feeling low on energy, you could add some oats, chia seeds or flax seeds for extra protein & energy! You could even try a teaspoon of Spirulina.


So what you waiting for, give it a try and start the day with gulps of health & goodness!

Get #happyhealthy

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