I’m Zeina Maktabi

Functional Nutritionist

You deserve to live a vibrant healthy life!

1:1 Consultations

Do you feel like you’ve tried every tip? You eat the ‘right’ things, you shop for healthy products, you follow all the health gurus, but you’re still feeling uncomfortable? You can benefit from coaching with me. Working with me, you’ll receive personalized nutrition guidance that is realistic & effective for you. I’ll help you address your health concerns with a root cause approach so you can reach + keep your health goals! Schedule your free 20 min consultation call to learn more and be confident in your next steps.


Nutrition tools, tips & tricks


Practical & delicious plant-based recipes and healthier versions of your favorite desserts


You deserve to feel energized & vibrant. I’m here to give you the tools to make that happen! and let´s start working together


Monthly deep dive into a nutrition topic including newsletter, tips & tricks, new recipes & a monthly zoom call to ask your questions!

Personalized Consultations

Functional Nutrition + Holistic Health Coaching

You may be wanting to make healthy changes but you are unsure where to start  or perhaps you need a cheerleader to keep you excited, disciplined and hopeful in your health journey.
That’s where I come in.
Schedule your free 20 min discovery call to learn more.

This Is My Approach

I believe in taking the science and using it to enhance your life. I help you reach your health goals with a realistic approach that suits your lifestyle. I share food and lifestyle tools & little tips and tricks to make you look & feel your best. I’m compassionate, patient and a really good listener. I’m here to support you and be your accountability coach. My aim is to find the right balance in your food choices and lifestyle habits to last a lifetime. I focus on gut health, hormone balance, circadian rhythms and body balance. When we get these right, weight loss comes naturally.

1. How do you conduct your nutrition consultations?

All consultations are online via Zoom.

2. What is included in the personalized program?

The personalized program includes advice on food choices, lifestyle habits, and supplements to take. It also includes a meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch/dinner, and snacks. I also give you a sample week so you can put it all together realistically. The program also supports you when “life happens” and you have holidays or occasions where your routine will be off.

3. I am not a good cook. Are the recipes difficult to make?

All the recipes provided are practical and easy to prepare. Nothing too sophisticated or complex, just ideas to make wholesome, nutritious, and balanced meals. I always provide alternatives and substitutes for your specific dietary needs and preferences (food sensitivities, vegan, likes/dislikes, etc…)

4. Can we reach you outside the consultation time?

During the duration of the program, I offer unlimited call, text, or email support. You are never alone in this!

About Me

Hi! I’m Zeina. I’m a Functional Nutritionist. I have a MSc. in Nutrition & I’m a certified functional medicine practitioner.
I’m here to give you the tools & guidance to feel empowered with all your food choices- whether it’s that cheesy burger or that super green morning smoothie. In my world, everything has a place. It’s not about deprivation or restriction. It’s about enjoyment, balance, and mostly feeling good from the inside out!
I help women and men break through the science and find a balanced realistic approach that fits with their personal health journey.
I specialize in healing your gut, balancing hormones & improving body composition.
Get in touch and let’s get Upclose and Healthy together.


“Zeina has positively impacted my life. She is truly an expert in her field, and her caring and
compassionate approach make her a pleasure to work with. I am forever grateful for the positive
changes she helped me make.
She took the time to really listen and created a personalized plan for me that was tailored to my specific
needs and goals, and she was always available to answer my questions and provide support along the
I cannot recommend Zeina enough.”

-Carine M.

“I came to Zeina wanting to solve my debilitating PMS symptoms. After working with her, my symptoms
practically disappeared! Following her coaching plan and daily tips liberated me from something I have
been suffering from for years! Absolutely life-changing!”

-Deema K.

“I reached out to Zeina to address a particular health concern. At a time where I was feeling overwhelmed by the varied and often conflicting advice out there, I was confident Zeina could help me best as I really appreciated the knowledge she shares. Working with her has been an absolute delight. She brought so much value to my well-being – both physical and mental. Through her warm, gentle, holistic and personalized approach, she taught me how to listen to my body and nurture it with what it needed at this particular time of my life. She invited me to take micro lifestyle and mindset changes that were very accessible and safe to implement, and gave me the tools to lead a well balanced lifestyle. Key to her approach was eliminating any form of stressor, be it through nutrition or lifestyle- and I found this particularly freeing! I can’t thank Zeina enough for the generosity and integrity with which she shares her knowledge”


“Teaming up with Zeina was much more than a regular patient/nutritionist relationship! With her friendliness and capacity to let you open up, she is able to become someone you trust in no time to a point you’re able to unveil personal stuff that has always been bothering you, set aside her very high knowledgeable support and healthy tasty recipes she shares with you to make the weight loss journey easier.”


“Working with Zeina Maktabi has helped me tremendously in improving my gut health. Additionally, she helped me gain weight in a healthy way at a time I thought it was impossible.

Besides, her videos, reels, & advice that reveal her knowledge & fine expertise have always aided me & her followers in everyday life & food choices”