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Zeina Maktabi

Hi! I’m Zeina. I’m an integrative functional medicine nutritionist. I love nothing more than spreading health & wellness!

I’m here to give you the tools & guidance to feel empowered with all your food choices- whether it’s that cheesy burger or that super green morning smoothie. In my world, everything has a place. It’s about happiness, balance and mostly feeling good from the inside out!

Get in touch and let’s start your personalized #HappyHealthy journey together.


April 15, 2020
My go to Chia Pudding recipe
An easy nutritious breakfast that will surely be a favorite! Let me start by saying why I love Chia seed pudding. Easy to prepare, packed with […]
April 14, 2020
My top 5 healthy products
I often get asked about my favorite foods or products in the kitchen, why I love them and what the health benefits are. So I thought […]
April 13, 2020
Oat Banana Pancakes
Easy like Sunday Morning! When life hands you some ripe bananas, this pancake recipe will be a savior. Easy to whip up and contains some healthier […]

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