Helping You Live a Vibrant Healthy Life!

Hello, I’m Zeina. I’m a functional nutritionist with a huge passion for nutrition and wellness. I love nothing more than to help you find your most energetic thriving self!

My Story-Upclose & Personal

Hi, my name is Zeina and I’m a Functional Nutritionist. I did my undergrad in Nutrition & Dietetics then went on to do my Masters in Public Health Nutrition. I am also a certified Functional Medicine practitioner with focus on gut health, hormone balance, circadian rhythm and body balance. I’m also an avid reader of nutrition, health and wellness books. You’ll always find me with a book reading, learning & researching the latest advances in nutrition.

As you can tell I’m very passionate about this subject! My passion grew out of my own health journey. It started when I was 14 and I started putting on weight. The number on the scale kept creeping up and my jeans kept getting tighter. Believe it or not, I was a chubby teen. My mom, a passionate health advocate herself, took me to see a dietitian and with her help, the weight slid off. I remember feeling so happy & confidant – and as a teenager that’s a big thing! That was it, my fate was sealed! I knew then & there that this is what I wanted to be when “I grew up”. I wanted to help other feel the same way, to feel happy & vibrant in their body and to do so through food & lifestyle choices.

Fast forward a few years, and in my 30’s, I had to get 2 surgeries to remove my fibroids. I had irregular periods, severe PMS and my hormones were not balanced. When I’d go to doctors, I would get medications to treat my symptoms without treating the root cause. I knew there was another approach and that’s where my interest in Functional medicine started. I turned to food, lifestyle and the right supplements to heal myself and it’s been a life changer! This is what I want to give my clients. I feel it is my responsibility to share what I know & what I have learnt, so you can thrive and feel your best!

My philosophy is all about nourishment- mind, body and soul. It’s all about finding a balance where you get to enjoy life while still nourishing your body. Creating a routine & small daily habits, while still enjoying night outs & vacations.

I help you create a routine that works for you, with tools, tips & tricks to keep you balanced and consistent in your health journey.

Light & Love,


My Three Mottos

For anything you do in life, always find your WHY

Your “WHY” is how you set yourself up for success & ensure that you are consistent with your choices. It is the driving force behind your consistency. It is stronger than motivation. When you know your “why” you live with intention, you are more connected to your values and you won’t look for external sources to motivate you- it will be within you! So the question to you is… What is your WHY? Connect to the reason that you want to make these changes and write it down!  Add it in your journal but also on post-its in places you can read them & motivate yourself! Answer these questions: Why do you want to be healthy? Why do you want to make a change in your diet or lifestyle? How do you want to feel?

Health starts with what you choose to put on your plate

I truly believe that food is medicine. Food is healing. Food is magic! Real, wholesome food straight from mother nature with all its diversity, variety and colors. Your food choices will have a direct impact on your health; they can either cause disease or make you feel energetic, vibrant and thriving!

The secret of your future lies in your daily routine

The small habits. The daily routine. What you eat, how you think, what you do, and who you talk to daily…all this counts! That is where you will make the biggest impact on your health & wellness. One evening of late night eating or a day spent on the couch or that one extra slice (or two) of pizza while on vacation is not a problem, it’s how you rebound from that and what you do everyday that matters. Your daily habits is where you will see change, where you will evolve, transform and be a better version of YOU!  That is where the magic is!