One of my favorite things is sharing my nutrition knowledge with others. Whether through workshops, nutrition talks or developing a restaurant menu; it all needs the right expertise to separate fact from fiction. Get in touch!

I’m Zeina Maktabi a certified Nutritionist & Functional Medicine in progress (graduate 2021!). I’m a  firm believer that health starts with what you choose to put on your plate & that healthier habits are built one habit at a time!

I graduated from the American University of Beirut & then got my Masters degree in Health Promotion in the UK. I’m currently studying to be a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I have over 10 years of experience in Nutrition and health promotion, expanding across clinical practice, nutrition communication, & product and recipe development.

I’m passionate about promoting health and jump on any opportunity to share what I know. Everyone should feel empowered to make healthy food choices & feel HappyHealthy!

I can help you on your health journey. I promise it will be fun, filled with tools to adapt to your lifestyle, always positive, no rules, and always personalized! You’ve got this – reach out and let me give you those nudges!

I’d love to hear  from you!

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Nutrition Talks

One of my favorite things is giving workshops & talks about nutrition and health to a group of motivated & eager attendees. I love to share my knowledge and spread wellness. It’s my passion!

These are usually interactive sessions; open to discussions and answering questions.

I can cover various topics related to nutrition, healthy lifestyle, gut health and many others…

Reach out and let’s discuss what works for your  needs!


The best way to learn something is to actually do it!

These workshops are hands on  & that means getting your hands busy in preparing healthy desserts, fermenting vegetables, preparing healthy buddah bowls & so much more!

They are so much fun and you walk out with your creations and armed with all the tips & tricks to prepare healthier food at home.

These workshops are usually done in conjunction with a nutrition talk.

Reach out to discuss what I can do for you!

“Beyond Bread” Multi-Seed Oat Bread

I’ve always enjoyed bread! Nothing beats a warm, freshly baked loaf anytime of the day..YUM!

Lately, I’ve been trying to find healthier alternatives in an effort to get more nutrients & benefits from everything I eat and that includes bread!

So I came up with this awesome “Multi-seed Oat bread” recipe that is high in protein, high in fiber and packed with healthy fats. It’s also sugar-free and rich in SLOW carbohydrates; you know what a big fan I am of SLOW complex carbs 🙂

Now I enjoy my bread knowing I’m getting more benefit for each bite!

Make your order here.

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