My Services

You deserve to feel energized, vibrant and #HappyHealthy . I'm here to give you the tools to make that happen! Personalized online nutrition consultations or grocery store tour, choose what you need and let´s start together.

Upclose & Healthy Reset session (1 hour)

  • This is a single session for those who are looking to evaluate their current habits & nutritional status and make a few adjustments to reach their goals.
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  • $100
  • 1 hr

Upclose & Healthy Program (1 month)

  • We will work together to understand your nutritional status & identify how food choices or lifestyle may be keeping you from reaching your goals.
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  • $250
  • 1 months

Upclose&Healthy “New you” Program (3 months)

  • Time to get Up close & Real with your food ingredients!

    Are you tired of wandering through the aisles of the store, unsure of what to pick up?
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  • $350
  • 3 months

Upclose & Healthy Grocery Store Tour

  • We go on a tour together to get up close & real with common ingredients in packaged foods, how to read labels and how to choose the best products on offer.
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  • $100
  • 1 hour